Jul 082013
Run: Beyond the 5K - Now Available!

My first two eBooks for beginning runners have been more well received than I ever expected. I get emails from fans around the globe who enjoy the no-nonsense advice with detailed running plans that I’ve published. I’ve had requests from readers for running plans that go beyond the beginners 5K distance. I’m proud to say [...]

Apr 092013

I get asked this question all the time by non-runners, “Why do you run?”  Maybe you’ve been asked this already early in your running career. It’s something that every runner will be asked at some point. Many people who don’t run simply can’t understand the appeal of running. Most times, when I need a quick [...]

Apr 042013
It's Running Season! New Book Available!

Well, it’s definitely running season! Warmer weather is taking over, the sidewalks are packed with people running and jogging, and sales of my running books are absolutely taking off! Although that is great for me, I get even more satisfaction knowing that I’m helping people learn to run, and changing their lives. Every time I [...]

Oct 032012
Road ID: A Life Saver for Runners

This is the first update since my new book went free for three days on Amazon. The final tally was 655 books downloaded!! I’m really happy that it went so well. I’m focusing on running posts since we’ll have a lot of new readers coming in from the book. I am going to put a couple [...]

Sep 262012
The Runners Diet

What do most runners love to do when they aren’t running? EAT! One of my favorite things about running is that it allows me to eat A LOT and still not gain weight. This is, of course, proportional to how much you run. So how many calories do you burn when you run? It depends [...]

Sep 222012
Run: A Complete Beginners Guide - Available Now on Amazon Kindle!

I am extremely excited to announce the availability of my new book, “Run: A Complete Beginners Guide.” The book is available by clicking HERE on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace for $2.99. This is my first eBook and I can’t wait to see how it does. Over the next few months, I plan to share some numbers on [...]

Sep 172012
Do you need a financial advisor?

If you are like many people with basic or little investing knowledge, they are not sure where to start with their investments. There are infinite options when it comes to investing online, and it can certainly be overwhelming. So one main question is, “Do I Need a Financial Advisor?” The answer, as with many investing [...]